Capturing Detail, Texture, Style and the Home!

Independent from our regular shooting style, sometimes we need to focus more on details, on the décor rather than the overall.
If this sounds like you, you’re probably an interior designer, someone who has spent countless hours selecting just the right fixture, color, texture to make a simple space into a home.
Catering to the consummate perfectionist, using high key, high contrast, natural light – we are able to capture the true essence of a space as designed by you, and present it in the same way you would expect on the cover of a magazine.

Services and Packages

Before Photos

The best way to showcase your work is NOT just showing what something looks like after it’s done, but showing what it was before so your clients can see your true value and talent.

$145 Daytime “BEFORE” Pictures (Includes 25 photos)

Interior Design Photography

Using natural light and depth of field only, interior design photos capture the natural beauty of designs, details and textures. Sometimes dark, sometimes incredibly bright but always beautiful and captivating.

Small Daytime Interior Design Pictures (Includes 10 photos) $225
 Daytime Interior Design Pictures (Includes 25 photos) $325
 Daytime Interior Design Pictures (Includes 40 photos) $425


$10 per additional photo
$125 Real Estate Package (Includes 10 photos)
Using similar real estate photography techniques as for our builders, this package allows you showcase larger rooms and exteriors giving context to the interior design photos which they accompany.

Portfolio Package

An economical real estate photography package that gives you stunning photos of your project that you can use for web, print and social media. Each photo is carefully honed in Photoshop and color corrected for accurate representation. Each package comes with 10 photos which are natively shot at 20mp and delivered at 18mp (11″x17″ at 300 DPI) for high resolution images, 2048px size for Facebook and social media and at 1024px for web and mobile.

$325 Daytime Portfolio Pictures (Includes 10 photos)

$425 Twilight Portfolio Pictures (includes 10 photos)


$10 per additional Daytime Photos
$20 per additional Twilight Photos

NOTE: All Portfolio Packages are limited to one dwelling location, not exceeding 10,000sq.ft.  Discounts available if you order more than 30 photos.


Real Estate Videography for Renovators and Interior Designers.

Standard $425

For typical homes and renovations up to 3000sq.ft.
Video Lengths vary between 60 to 120 seconds in length.

Large $625
For larger homes or more detailed renovations up to 6000sq.ft.
Video Lengths vary between 90 to 150 seconds in length.

Photo/Video by the Hour

Some projects you can’t pigeon hole into one category or another and for those we provide photography by the hour.  Just let us know what the scope of your work is and we can provide you with an estimate.

$125 per hour photography and processing

$125 per hour videography and editing

Terms and License

Out of Town Fees

We do provide our services outside of the Charleston area as well, but we charge extra for travel.

Beaufort – $50
Savannah – $50
Hilton Head – $50
Columbia – $75
Augusta – $75

Other $.75/mi


An invoice will be emailed at the completion of the project and payment is expected upon receipt of final deliverables and before using same for marketing. Payments can be made online with most major credit cards.

Usage License

All Packages include a 99 year non exclusive limited license. You may use the photos for the purposes of marketing your company, your products and services.

All photography and virtual tours remain the sole property of the photographer. Licenses are not transferable in any form.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Because your time is important we promise to be there on time and finished on time. In return we ask that you respect our time and provide us with a minimum of 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule. If we do not hear from you and our real estate photographer gets there and finds out that we need to cancel – a cancellation fee of $125 will be charged. Exceptions will be made for extraordinary circumstances.

Photoshop Work Included

All packages include professional color correction and a series of lens corrections to ensure that your photos look their best. However this does not include removal of holes in walls, addition of furniture or any other work to alter what was actually there, but if you need it we can provide it. All Designer Portfolio Packages include general photoshop work to take out green tape, dust spots, and other minor items.

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