Since 2007, I’ve successfully helped Charleston Realtors grow their businesses.

From start to finish through email marketing, website design, social media engagement, stunning MLS photography and captivating video, and advertising campaigns I’ve produced measurable results in their businesses.

It’s been an amazing ride – I thank you all for your support, referrals and business over the years. But, I’ve only just begun!

Real estate marketing has always been a moving target and an evolving animal, and an industry which I am passionate about.

I have a system that is helping a few, select agents to out-position, out-maneuver and out-perform the discounters, disruptors and one-off agents, as well as the competition.

Let’s have fun spotlighting you as the agent of trust in your community!


If you are running a full-time real estate BUSINESS, are considered a TOP PRODUCER and are, in short, a BALLER AGENT, I want to help you skyrocket to the top of your competition for years to come!

Here’s the program:

We meet ONLY ONE DAY PER MONTH to create a series of video content.

  • The beauty of this is that it requires minimal effort on your part…we meet only one day per month to produce content.
  • During the day, we shoot four, 3-10 minute shows. (NOTE: This will require a couple changes of clothes)

That’s when we take over and the magic happens!

We take this content and multipurpose it for use on all of your media channels.

  • Your website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (Stories), LinkedIn, Podcasts, etc.

Then, we’ll create 3 clips (snippets), 30-45s to post to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and BOOST it to the radius (audience) of people you want to reach.

  • We’ll also put a snippet in your Instagram stories and link it to your website.
  • We use a link on all social sites to drive traffic to your website.

Finally, we create 3 quote cards from the show to share on all social media accounts.

The Timeline each month looks like this:

  1. Monday, make it LIVE on YouTube and embed it on your website.
  2. Tuesday morning, email it to your entire database.
  3. On the first day it’s posted on YouTube, you go back and comment back on the video.
  4. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, do a post at 9:00 am and 4:00 pm – Morning Video and Afternoon Quote Card; 1 video snippet a day of the 3 we have created.

Wondering what types of content we’ll be creating with you?

Click through the tabs below to see what’s in store.

As mentioned previously, this program is only for agents running a full-time real estate BUSINESS who are looking to set themselves apart from their competition by creating consistent, high-quality video content to share with their past clients, prospects and community.

As such, I’m only able to take on select few agents based on the time required to produce this exclusive material.

If this strategy aligns with what you’re looking to do with your business in the coming months and years, and you’re committed to increasing your exposure in the community and dominating your market, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule a time for us to discuss working together.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you.